The Pastry Parodyme (pronounced like paradigm. That is, like pair-uh-dyme) is an overly ambitious quadruple crossover fanfiction, meaning it features characters and worlds from four different medias, and also meaning it has its own mythology for some reason. The four medias being Pokemon, Battle for Dream Island, Deltarune, and Minecraft. Most of the characters are my own creations based on the worlds they inhabit. For most of these characters, that means they're just copies of preexisting designs with funny facewear and sadness. The worlds are also modified to my liking and to the story's convienence. Oh also it's presented in the style of a text adventure game, like in MS Paint Aventures. Don't expect that to be the last time you think about it, either.

Now what actually happens in the story, you ask? Well, a silly banana bread guy that I personafy myself as goes on a monster-fighting, weapon-forging, planet-jumping, clown-befriending inventory-managing adventure with his friends to save the world four times. You may say it's a tad unoriginal or that you've heard several stories like it before. It is, and I have witnessed many a story of four kids saving the world. This is merely my attempt to write something simple and totally not any more complicated and ambitious than that word would imply.

All in all, read it if it sounds like something you want to read, and don't if it doesn't. I'm not really pushing my silly DeltaMonCraftforDreamIslandStuck fic upon you, as much as I'd like to make a joke here about causing pain on purpose. It's still a work in progress though, so make sure to hassle me about it because that's totally your responsibility.

Legal stuff

I, BananaBreadGuy/BananaBread127, claim no ownership over Pokémon, Pikachu, Ash Ketchum or any other official Pokémon characters. They are trademarks of Nintendo, GAME FREAK, and Creatures. Nor do I claim ownership over the respective characters, worlds, and other trademarks of Mojang, Jacknjellify, and Toby Fox. This fiction is merely a fan's work.

I do, however, claim full ownership over my own original locations, the original characters of this story, the storyline followed in this work, and all unofficial explanations and details of these worlds found in the story unless otherwise stated. Should any fan of this work wish to use anything listed previously, permission must be obtained.

I also own this minipage's layout, CSS, coding, artwork and text unless otherwise stated, and those are not to be copied without full permission.

This work of fiction is rated PG-13 to R (Fiction T to M) for:

However, some of these are very much subject to change as the story goes on. Children, the faint of heart, and those who are offended or disturbed by the above are advised not to read this work, and should they do so regardless, it is at their own responsibility.