I had a whole page worth of Homestuck references prepared (the apocalypse triggering a game, a boy and his friends playing a game together, pretzels, etc. all commented out on this page at the moment,) but I'll keep this short.

The Pastry Parodyme (you can totally omit the "The," though) is a quadruple crossover fanfiction between Deltarune, Pokemon, Minecraft, and Battle for Dream Island. This minipage has the fic itself along with what I'd like to say is "a bunch of other stuff" but is really just an about page at the moment. It is rated PG-13 to R (T to M in fiction ratings.)

Theres a list of chapters if you're already sure this is something you want to see, and a little more info about it if you need convincing that it's not.

You can go back to my homepage if things are getting too spicy for you and if there's anything worth looking at there.